The team


Luis Díaz (@Ludipe)

Born Indie

Design, code, production and random stuff

Loves Braid and cool puzzle games

Addicted to game jams

Worked on “Missing Translation” and about 30 small games


 Rubén Calles (@ruben_oluwa)

Fine arts graduate

Experienced in animation and illustration

Used to live in the country, now lives in Madrid

Used to have Windows 98, now has “Mountain Lion”

Random things like “Ray Bradbury”, “Banjo-Kazooie” and

“The Goonies” shaped his youth


Celer Gutiérrez (@celer_gut)

Composer and sound designer

He loves everything audio-related

Grew up with “Broken Sword” and “Mega Drive”

Tried to make serious music but came back to games

Has three friends called “Wintory”, “Korb” and “Diogenes syndrome”


Ángel Luis Sucasas (@ngelLuisSucasas)

Word Wizard and Branch architect

Has published four novels and dozens of short stories

Thinks Dark Souls as the Citizen  Kane of interactive art

True believer of the dictatorship of freedom

Miguel López-Bachiller (@MiguelFizbam)

Initiating Unity programming routine BEEP BOOP

Everything’s better on the Nintendo Switch, all the games should be there

The witness it’s the best game ever. Prove me wrong

Game designer, sorcerer and role addict on my free time

Did you know a wyvern is NOT a dragon?

Martín Pane (@martinTayx)

Rocket League and programming have formatted my creativity

Working on a very tiny keyboard with my giant hands

I love Cave Story and all the rest of Ron Gilbert’s adventures, I mean, Tim Schafer’s

I laugh so much that I don’t have time to code anymore. It’s a disease


AWESOME people who have worked on our projects in the past


Gustavo Santos (@gustavo__san)

From Porto (Portugal)

Graduate in both Archaeology and Fine Arts

Decided to do drawings and video games for a living

Has a thing for pixel and voxel art

Suffers from sudden daily bursts of 80’s/90’s nostalgia


Albert Fernández (@Albert_composer)


Tice Thomason (@TiceBilla)