Starting a new adventure!


We have tons of news for you, let’s start with the important stuff.

We’ve been asked several times what’s going to happen with AlPixel Games, and we always answered that it was too early to say, well, as you probably guessed seeing our new website, we’re still alive and ready to start a new adventure; and we’re making changes, lots of them.

The team is changing, AlPixel Games is moving on to bigger projects, which require more time and working face to face, that’s why Gustavo, Albert and Tice won’t work on the next “big” project. They might join in to collaborate on a side-project, but they’re taking a different path for now. Gustavo and Albert are already working on a new game which we’ll share here in the future.

Time to introduce the new members! Rubén and Celer are the newest incorporations to AlPixel Games, you can check all their info here. You might already know a little game called “The night Henry Allen died” that we made together some time ago. The three of us will share a really cool office in Madrid, courtesy of GamesBoosters.


There’s plenty of natural light! Too bad we don’t like it 😛

We’re already working on our next project and totally excited about the concept (ask again in a few months, we’ll probably hate everything about it 😛 ). All we can say about it for now is that it’s nothing like “Missing Translation”. We’d like to keep being as open as possible when it comes to our games, that’s why we now have a blog in our website, we’ll start posting stuff about the project really soon, so stay tuned. We want to keep an active blog, we’ll post not only news about the game but also pics and random info. The day after tomorrow we’ll travel to Hamburg as “Missing Translation” has been nominated to three awards at DevGAMM, we’ll probably write something about the experience.


Though we’re super busy with our new adventure, there are some things left to be done before forgetting about “Missing Translation”. We’ll soon announce the Steam and iOS versions of the game, plus the chinese version is about to be released (and don’t forget about the events! We’ll keep showcasing “Missing Translation” over the next months).

Soooooooo…. quick recap! We got new members, an office and a cool project that has already started. Stay around, once we get back from Hamburg we’ll post photos. We’ll also start a new devlog before Christmas.

Those were some exciting news, weren’t they? We’re starting a new adventure today and you’re all invited to watch 😀