A Place for the Unwilling

“A Place for the Unwilling” is a narrative experience set in the last days of a dying city. No puzzles or “game over” screens, just you, the city and dozens of stories to discover. Time never stops in this city and the ending keeps getting closer.


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  • A living city to explore which evolves with each passing day.
  • A cast of 15 characters with handcrafted backgrounds, routines and stories.
  • Nonlinear deep narrative which requires several walkthroughs to unveil.
  • Trading system that affects narrative and vice versa.
  • Inspired by “Sunless Sea”, “Pathologic” and “Majora’s Mask”










The city dreamt.

The city died.

The city was reborn.

“A Place for the Unwilling” is a narrative game in which you will experience the fall of a city in 21 days. Just like the citizens of Pompeii, the ending is coming closer, no matter what. Choosing what to do with the little time you have is essential.

In “A Place for the Unwilling” you will play the role of a foreigner who just arrived to the city after receiving a terrible missive from his childhood friend. Henry Allen, the kid along who you lived your happiest years, has committed suicide. The last thing he did, before tighten the rope to his neck and jumping off the stool, was to write you this letter. He left you all his possessions in exchange for watching over his widow, Juliet, and his mother, Dana.

The reasons for his death are inexplicable. Maybe, based on the desperate tone of the letter, it was his madness. But Henry Allen warned you on his last lines that your new home, the city, was the one to blame for his death.

Over your 21 days in the city you will meet 15 key characters. Characters like Lucas Weston, heir of a family fallen from grace, who takes refuge along his madness on a local book shop. Characters like Doris Chapman, a young surgeon with a traumatic past and a dark present ahead. Characters like Myles Stout, a paperboy from the poor quarter and a nine-year-old anarchist. Characters like Wallace Zimmer, an apparently good-natured mayor who spends his nights enjoying unimaginable pleasures.


-Luis Díaz-

design and PR

-Rubén Calles-

art and animation

-Celer Gutiérrez-

music and sound design

-Martín Pane-


-Ángel Luis Sucasas –

narrative director