AlPixel Games partners up with Kowloon Nights


Today we have some great news for you all. It’s been hard to keep it a secret over the last months, but we now finally announce we’ve partnered with Kowloon Nights to make sure we can give “A Place for the Unwilling” all the love it deserves.

You might not have heard their name, after all, they have been keeping a low profile until now. But their team includes people with lots of years of experience and they have the resources to help projects like ours.

Their initial line-up features some huge names, like Fumito Ueda or Teddy Dief, as well as many other names that might not be as famous but are equally amazing. We are extremely proud of being able to work together and appearing right next to all those games.

They did their big reveal today, which means we can now speak about it (finally!).You’ll find “A Place for the Unwilling” on some major sites. We’re featured on the latest issues of Famitsu and EDGE and there’s a chance we might appear in some other media soon.

We wanted to clarify that, just like their website states, Kowloon Nights isn’t getting in the way of any creative decision. They give us feedback and help us in a lot of different ways but we’re still making the exact game we were making before. Only difference is that we can now reach more platforms (looking at you consoles), more people and have more resources to polish the game.

These are huge news and we are really excited about what’s to come. So stay with us and don’t forget to check their other games because they all look great.

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