Update #20 : The origins of the City

Before delving into the update itself, we need to make a quick announcement. We usually publish updates at our Tigsource devlog, which is our main devlog, and also on our Kickstarter page. There are a few things we need to sort out and, in the meantime, we, AlPixel Games, do not have access to the Kickstarter account and can’t publish updates there. It may take a few weeks, so we are getting in touch with all the backers and telling them the updates will be available here for now.

Now that’s said, we can get back to the cool stuff! It’s time to grab a cup of tea and lean back, we’re gonna talk about the story of our city Gentleman

The City, with a capital “C”, a place so unique it doesn’t even need a name to be distinguished from the rest of cities because, why would you talk about any other?

As impressive as it is, not too long ago soil and farms plagued what now is the centre of the trading world. One can only wonder how it managed to stay like that for so many years, but money attracts money, and when the first businessmen arrived, the rest followed. After a few years, the landscape had radically changed, and there was no going back.

Buildings raised, ships started docking and the fog began to thicken. People had to change in order to fit in, and it wasn’t easy. The smallest of the apartments was already too expensive for them, and everything seemed to go up but salaries. Sickness, poverty and crimes became just another part of everyday life. As the city kept growing the factories appeared, roaring day and night while making the fog even thicker.

As years passed more and more ships made of this place a mandatory stop in their routes. Big deals where closed and anybody, who was truly somebody, traveled to the City every once in a while. A mayor was elected and policemen were hired to make sure law was followed. An university was built and even a theatre, business weren’t the only thing on the rise, but so was culture.

This is not a fairy tale, both evil and righteous people are hard to find and most of the souls in this city wear a grey mask.

The pieces are always moving and stability is just an illusion. Over the last weeks crimes have increased, and the city’s most influencial families seem to have been chosen as targets. If you were to ask on one certain quarter you would be told it was those anarchists from the working class, while in a different part of the city the story would be quite different. But most people do not care about the other side of the story, or the “others”; perhaps this time the story doesn’t have just one or two sides, perhaps it’s not that simple anymore, and while most people focus on the battle, fumes keep coming out of everywhere, blending with the fog and making it thicker.

While all this happens the theatre wears a new dress, covered by posters, announcing the king’s arrival, for a new play is soon to debut in the City and everybody is talking about it, “The king in yellow” is coming to town.

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