“Missing Translation” fan art contest winners

(text by Gustavo)

1st Place

fanart 3

From the start this piece became my favorite for a bunch of reasons – the use of brownish colors instead of our grey tones, by featuring and giving a charismatic touch to my favorite character in the game, the use of perspective with a friendly barmaid peeking in the background and finally the mysterious character entering the bar, cleverly hinted to be the human female character which makes our alien cowboy a flirty Don Juan! I love it!

2nd Place


I think this piece sums up the game really well. A friendly alien trying to contact a foreigner who doesn’t understand anything of what he is saying… and cats who really don’t care about what’s happening and enjoy living the good life (as a side note, cats are the key to my personal theory about the game… ask Ludipe). In a moment of indecision it was the expression of the cat and the worried look of our main character that convinced me. It’s a really nice piece!

3rd Place

In a completely different style of the other two illustrations, this manga-style pencil drawing feels a bit nostalgic to me, from the times I used to draw manga all the time during my teen years. Overall the scene choice is really cool, with the detail of the little tokens on the right, a hint to the game’s alternative ending. Look how peaceful she’s sleeping, contrary to our cat (here a kitten) who seems to be having some nightmares? Well done!

Honorable mentions


Gustavo: I really enjoy this piece and love the lego connection. Probably, if the head was drawn in a different style it would’ve found a place on the top 3 since it works nicely as a game poster


There is something about this drawing that I find really funny. The expression on both characters makes me imagine all type of scenarios – he’s rude and completely ignored her, they argued, she’s shy and can’t find the courage to talk with him. The possibilities are endless! Meanwhile, cats are chilling on the roof, probably commenting on those dumb humanoids.

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