“Madrid Games Week” report

It’s finally over! We’ve spent the last days showcasing “Missing Translation” at “Madrid Games Week”, a huge event which takes place in that little town where we live ;PThis event has a special meaning for us, since it’s the first place that featured our weird game.

But events aren’t just about doing interviews and letting players check them out, there’s nothing like getting to spend more time with those awesome devs who we met just a few times each year. We even set up an “indie dinner” and about 150 people attended to the restaurant, that was craaaaaazy.

We were so tired that we even had to take the day off yesterday, but we really enjoyed being there. “Made in Spain Games” took care of everything, prepared an incredible booth and brought together the Spanish indie scene. Thumbs up!

Don’t go to far! We’ll announce the winners of our fan art contest soon and in just a few weeks we’ll reveal our next game, aren’t you excited?






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